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The new work paradigm further to the covid-19: even brighter prospects for Coworking Spaces

Actualizado: jun 19

Have you developed your strategy to handle this crisis?

Have you undertaken the security measures for your space?

If everything is ready, now you have to worry about taking advantage and anticipating new opportunities that we believe are germinating or we see emerging.

Short term - be opportunistic

Adapt your value proposition

Your occupancy rate is the first criterion of your profitability.

Thus offer more services for the same price to your coworkers with temporary improvements such as meeting rooms available for free.

Offer direct discounts on remote services such as mailing and fiscal domiciliation, or free month(s) trial.

Not only will you show your solidarity with freelancers and entrepreneurs, but you will potentially attract new members.

After all, better to have a reduced income than just expenses 😉

Attract teleworkers

While confinement has accelerated work@home, it has also revealed that many professionals do not have a dedicated or quiet place at home or an adequate internet line to be able to work normally.

In addition, to avoid the risk of contagion and by limiting the seating capacity, some companies consider relocating or dividing part (s) of their workforce into nearby alternative work centers.

Your coworking space all the tools to provide solutions to this new problematic situation: offering companies the option of renting coworking positions with all the services included for those teleworkers with such difficulties or as an alternative workspace.

Offers new services

There are also many who do not know how to solve technological problems and who could use an online support as simple as managing Excel, or changing the language on their keyboard…

You space can additionally offer a virtual assistant or secretary to support teleworkers as well as give them advice and good practices for working remotely.

Leverage your virtual community

Your space is much more than an excellent location, first-class services, flexibility, cost reduction and beautiful design. Your coworkers community, the relationships and interactions between them are your key differentiators… Interconnecting your community is even more critical in times of physical distance.

Many understand this and have exponentially increased their actions in this regard during confinement, providing events, webinars and online courses, not only to help their members but also to connect them with each other and with their space.

Also, to support the projects and businesses of their coworkers, a few coworking spaces go further and provide information on external support services.

In fact, having a support structure is crucial for SMEs and the independent workforce. For many of them, being isolated makes it quite hard to find appropriate solutions to their needs or their doubts.

With your virtual community, you can connect them to a world of trust, usually difficult to access.

This intangible support gives exceptional value to your coworking, creating an emotional bond and generating added value strongly associated with greater performance and success. Beyond building relationships, a sense of community fostered by your space in which each helps each other creates a unique ecosystem.

In the medium term - A greater role

Short-term trends are here to stay. Take advantage of them!


In addition to the short-term issues of adequate space and technology at home, many teleworkers, more comfortable with remote work now than before the crisis, are tired of staying at home. They do not see it feasible to continue teleworking permanently without changing places, without having a clear dichotomy between private and professional life.

New work centers

Until now, large corporate have been considering alternative spaces mainly for their Business Continuity Plan (BCP), considering them as minimal occurrence, making them a mandatory heavy investment for an unlikely need.

On the other hand, they are now integrating the fact that their employees don't need to be physically in the same location to be productive and to communicate with their colleagues as if they were in the same place.

That has two major consequences: a review of their workplace policy as well as of their human resources policy, opening up much more to remote workers for on-demand projects or specific skills.

Therefore, they are changing their real estate chip and are considering real alternative work centers, unlike the temporary BCP ones. These companies not only seek to help their teleworkers as seen before, but also to reduce the densification of their offices, so as to avoid potential future interruptions and respond to the needs of physically assembling project teams in an agile method in the same place; aAll of this while saving expenses, increasing their employees' satisfaction, and adjusting to any new situation more quickly.

In addition, depending on their location, your coworking space can also minimize the commuting of these workers.


Opening up to the world of remote workers enables companies to recruit top talents with few geographic boundaries, increase the flexibly of their human assets, while avoiding the hassle and expenses associated with office and hiring.

Giving access to this talent bank, through your community, will provide your space with an additional incredible lever to attract those companies.

Human capital

Without a doubt, your coworking community is not only a differentiator during confinement, it is even more key to recovery.

We have all experienced this situation in which you go to a coworking space, you work on your own without raising your head, you hardly speak to your desk neighbours, perhaps you talk about everything and nothing at the coffee machine, you finish your day and go home. Unfortunately that is the most typical. Therefore, yes, there are people, but not at all the real "community" deal; It is not a genuine community, it is not collaboration.

A community is "a group or association of people or entities with common interests, properties or objectives". So when a new member joins a coworking in the hope that someone will help him/ her build or develop his/ her project, he/ she may be very disappointed with such a space.

To recover from the crisis, freelancers, entrepreneurs and the working world in general do need local connections more than ever. Your community and its strength are essential ingredients in helping people reconnect, build new networks, and support each other.

Many spaces "sell" having a community. However, most are limited to offering an online directory which is of very little help. However, if you show the uniqueness and dynamism of your community through an effective digital tool such as our platform, that is the winning formula to attract members who are hungry for support, collaboration, and reliable experts. That will make your community appear as a more tangible and valuable benefit; you will stand out from the crowd.

A local economic engine

There is much talk about many workers thinking about leaving big cities to go live in the countryside, one of the consequences of confinement fostered by the much more normal possibility of work@home. Therefore, and no less important, in suburban and rural regions, these trends are considerably expanding the potential user base for coworking spaces.

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