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The key advantages of a coworking: the synergies among its community

Actualizado: may 8

Although it has evolved a lot, there is still, in many countries, the misconception of what a coworking space really is. Most people, both users and non-users, see it only as a flexible, well-located workplace, with an attractive design and, above all, reduced costs compared to the classic rental of an office. A place where freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and other companies can carry out their activity without having to face the costs of setting up and renting a classic office. But this vision remains on the surface and does not delve into what this type of workspace really is. In addition to all these benefits, a coworking is synergies, added value. The intangible human value found in a coworking makes it an investment, not an expense.

Synergies result from the sum of its parts, exponentially better than its different elements acting individually. In other words, when two or more people or organizations combine their efforts, and achieve more together than they could achieve separately. This abstract concept has been applied in the business world for some time and follows the maxim that teamwork and collaboration are the main path to success. Why not apply it to the work of independent workers?

Synergies and coworking are two words that are practically synonyms. Or at least they should be. And this type of professional environments is created to facilitate collaboration, mutual support and exchanges. After all, a coworking is a place where you are surrounded by people like you, who want to share (experiences, skills, tricks, etc.), who face similar difficulties, overcome comparable obstacles, and who do not want to stay isolated and lost. A community where if you have a question or a need, you will always find support. That is why it is so important to foster collaborative relationships between coworkers of a same space. This is what makes coworking an added value, and not just a location with tables and chairs.

Coworking and synergies, what are its great advantages?

Fostering collaboration in these professional spaces brings exceptional advantages and benefits like:

Creating business opportunities: freelancers who only depend on themselves to find projects have an important source of business in this type of shared office. Not only because it is very likely that, at any time, a member of your coworking is looking for a professional with your skills or expertise, but there is the possibility of combining forces to undertake an even bigger project, such as a start-up. Synergies in a coworking enhance contacts, collaboration and recommendations among workers, expanding their respective businesses.

Gaining efficiency: thanks to the internet, when you have a question, you can ask in a search engine or in groups on social networks and try to find a more or less accurate and credible answer, supposing you get one, in addition to all the time you had to invest. Now imagine if you had the opportunity to consult in a direct, personal and free a reliable professional, who is also sitting a few meters from you? The exchange of ideas, and the fact of sharing your experience allows you to immediately apply it to your own business. Whether or not you are a new entrepreneur, a network of these characteristics will help you save time, efficiency and reduce risks.

Increasing sales: synergies in coworking are not limited only to collaboration between coworkers; they can also boost sales. Many coworking operators acknowledge that their different members, despite coming from various sectors, have the opportunity to cross-sell. Collaboration and synergies allow to increase sales without the need to increase the commercial team; simply by exchanging ideas and contacts you can take your business sales to a new level.

Tips & Tricks: This is the whole set of small tricks and tips that you would like to have known when you started your career as a freelancer, or entrepreneur, or that you still need despite your experience. This is everything you need to know to increase your chances of success in a very simple and effective way. Tips & tricks are easy ideas that you can start using immediately and that will help make your business stronger, thanks to talking and sharing experiences with professionals. In a coworking environment, in which you are surrounded by professionals who can and want to share useful information How not to take advantage of it and enjoy it? An intangible value that transforms an expense into a certain benefit.

Coworking, much further than simple networking, must be a community.

That is why, when we work in a shared workspace, in a business centre or in any type of coworking, synergies are one of the first points we should look for. If you have a community willing to support you a few meters away, isn't it worth walking a little more? Developing the relationship with your table neighbours, with the rest of the members of the Coworking, and even taking it further thanks to a dedicated app, are great ways to take advantage, capitalize and enjoy a community of professionals and a collective brain that will only improve your business or project.

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