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Connecting talents to win projects - Testimonial on a fruitful collaboration

"Motion designer, I know how to animate shapes to create and tell stories, but my graphic style is limited. To improve my service offer, I considered looking for an illustrator with creative ideas, capable of adapting his creations to animated pics.

I am Jacques, French, freelancer, newcomer to Spain. My main issue in achieving such a goal is meeting people, creating a network and being able to trust new contacts.

Meanwhile, a prospect contacted me for a project that involves a graphic peculiarity that unfortunately I do not have as a competence. I only had a week to find the gem I could work with and try to win this contract. I wanted an expert in situ in Madrid to be able to share our ideas more easily.

I started searching everywhere on the web, reading ads and notifications, participating in social media groups, etc. Confined, that was my only option. However, despite all my efforts, nothing really fitted, or convinced me, and I had doubts as to whether they really were genuine people ready to help me.

Then, I discovered CoworkBees.

As soon as I published my search, two matches were displayed. I immediately sent a message to each and everything was straightforward. With Enrique, the relationship worked wonders. After a very fruitful brainstorming session, we got down to work and came up with a client proposal that we are both enormously proud of. We won the contract! A successful team with a perfect balance between creativity and rationalism!

I am looking forward to working with Enrique again. It was great to find someone so complementary and trustworthy in such a simple way. Now I am opening up to other projects that I never thought would be within my reach due to the limitation of my skills, and I am looking forward to winning them with other CoworkBees 😊. "

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