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How to collaborate whatever your personality?

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"The introvert gets his energy from the inside, while the extrovert charges his batteries in contact with people, places and external stimuli. "

- Jennifer B. Kahnweiler -

There are many myths and misunderstandings about introverts and extroverts. In both everyday life and the workplace, people tend to think that introverts are antisocial, while extroverts are superficial; introverts are arrogant and extroverts are egocentric; introverts are shy, while extroverts are tiresome.

In work environments, especially those that seek to generate significant synergies such as coworking spaces, these personality differences can hinder the creation of these opportunities. After all, in this type of shared office, although they work in the same place, they do not work for the same clients, in the same line of business, or with the same goals. As a result, personality differences are an additional problem in creating professional relationships that can lead to opportunities.

What can we do to build bridges between coworking members?

How many times did you need a specific professional, but you did not know any? You have a thrilling project, run a business or are self-employed, and need a professional so precise that you do not know anyone who fits the profile? You need help but you dare not ask? How to get there? The simplest way would be to go on the Internet, but then, another problem arises: what are the guarantees of professionalism, reliability and quality? Will they want to collaborate before going any further and potentially signing a contract?

If you are one of the thousands professionals who work in a coworking today, the answer to this dilemma seems obvious: ask your colleagues! Nevertheless, the question is where to start, especially if you are introverted or do not like to dare. Everyone is focused on their work and you do not want to bother anyone. After all, you do not like interruptions either. In addition, the profile you are looking for is so special that the chances of finding it without help are scarce.

Some coworking have bulletin/ community boards, forums, directories or messaging systems that allow you to get in touch with a few coworkers. Unfortunately, these processes are usually heavy and very little efficient. Therefore, one of the best ways to find the coworker you need in a coworking space is tthrough word of mouth with the help of the space manager or community manager, and to take advantage of the common spaces, such as lounges, coffee room or kitchen, to ask for recommendations.

The power of recommendation to find freelance coworkers in a coworking

Recommendation by people you know is one of the best guarantee seals. People recommend products and services to their families, friends and post online reviews. We comment movies, restaurants, stores, etc. and post them on the Internet without knowing who will read them but thinking it will be useful to someone. In the world of work, this natural desire to recommend stems from the desire to be connected. Recommending the professionals with whom we maintain a bond of trust makes us better.

In the context of coworking, you have the opportunity to ask recommendations to your manager, your coworkers, and you will probably receive a number of interesting leads. However, managing the information, making contact, booking an appointment, briefing, etc. will represent a significant investment of time, which may be counterproductive for your project if ultimately the collaboration does not materialize.

What if we could digitalize the whole process?

That’s what CoworkBees platform is all about. We encourage professionals to meet, connect and collaborate with other recommended professionals in coworking spaces and / or outside. Once their collaboration is over, they can, in turn, be recommended. A good recommendation is the ideal weapon to help you find the right person for your project.

Our platform helps you take the first step easily, at any time, wherever, and whatever your personality.

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