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Finding trustful resources = Nightmare? Gamble?

Actualizado: may 8

A friend wanted to create a logo for her small online jewelry business. She was quite clear on what she wanted but did not know where to find a designer. After searching the web, she finally decided to use one of the freelancers’ sites. Further to selecting style and price, she narrowed her choice based on the users’ reviews and placed her order. Despite all these criteria, she still felt it was a gamble: Can I trust this person will make the best use of my money? How do I know this designer really understands what I want? Can I trust these (unknown) users’ reviews?...

Bottom-line: She lost time and money as the designer never asked one single question, and just delivered plain unattractive logos right on the deadline, leaving no time to react or make changes.

You are creating your company. You will need legal and tax advice. You want a firm with a track record but do not have the money to pay one of the big firms. You ask your friends if they would know somebody, even though none of them have started a business. By chance, a friend knows a friend who could potentially help. Time lost as he did not have an answer. However, spending some more time asking people around, you are finally put in contact with an entrepreneur who has lived a bad experience, hiring ’blindly’ such a consultant. He then moved his business to a recommended firm and is delighted to the point that he, in turns, refers you to them. You grasp the opportunity to meet them and test how much they fit your needs. You decide to hire them and enjoy so much their professionalism that you are more than willing to recommend them.

You are looking for advice in building your e-commerce business. You read all possible posts and comments in online communities but cannot find the one answer you need. You are more than willing to help somebody with your own expertise in exchange of that one specific advice. What do you do?

These are just a few real life examples that made us begin our adventure, and provide you with straightforward trustful answers to these needs.

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